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Using the "Drop Student" feature in jmc Office
Using the "Drop Student" feature in jmc Office

The "Drop Student" feature records enrollment changes for departing students while preserving their academic data and facilitating re-entry.

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With the "Drop Student" feature in jmc Office, you can seamlessly handle student departures during the school year by removing them from enrollment while preserving their essential data. If a dropped student later returns, you can easily reintegrate them using the "Re-enter Student" feature, ensuring smooth transitions and accurate records.

To drop a student, head to Attendance > Student > Drop Student.

Step One: Enter the name of the student in the "Find" field to select the student leaving your district.

Step Two: Click a date from the "Day" box to select the last date of the student's enrollment at your school.

Step Three: Select the appropriate reason for the student's departure from your school from the state specific "Drop Code" drop-down list.

Step Four: Click the "Drop" button to mark the student as "Inactive" in your database.

Helpful Tip: If a dropped student returns during the current school year, re-enter the student using the "Re-enter Student" feature in jmc Office.

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