Reporting student enrollment can get tricky especially when students transfer in and out of your district within the same year. With the "Re-enter Student" feature, jmc helps assure correct state reporting while making it easy to return a student to your active database. Simply select the student, select the entry date and answer a few state specific questions to re-enter a student into your school.

Head to Attendance > Student > Re-enter Student to begin!

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to select a student for re-entry.

Fun Fact: Only students that have been dropped from your enrollment during the current school year will be available in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click a date from the "Day" box to select the date the student will be re-entering your district

Step Three: Enter the appropriate state specific enrollment information in the drop-down lists and fields provided to ensure correct enrollment data for state reporting.

Step Four: Click the "Re-enter" button to submit the selected student's enrollment status.

Fun Fact: Re-entering a student activates the student in your database and adds them to your enrollment from the day selected until the end of the school year.

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