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Set term dates in jmc Office
Set term dates in jmc Office

Establish grading periods and enable smooth gradebook and attendance functions, ensuring a seamless start to the school year.

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In jmc Office, you can establish term dates at the building level, setting the start and end dates for each grading period on your school calendar. By doing so, you initiate the proper functioning of gradebook and attendance features in both jmc Teacher and jmc Office. Whether your district follows quarters, semesters, trimesters, or any other combination, setting term dates at the beginning of the school year using the jmc Office calendar ensures a seamless start to your academic year.

To set term dates, navigate to Attendance > Calendar > Days in jmc Office.

Step One: Select the "Term Dates" radio button to enter and edit term begin and end dates.

Step Two: Double-click the gray bar on the day that represents either the start or the end of the term to open the grading term dates editing window.

Fun Fact: jmc Office automatically sets the start date for the first term and the end date for the last term based on the district's first and last day of school selection, while also allowing the editing of weekend days which are visually distinguished on the calendar as greyed out to identify typical school days.

Step Three: Select the grading terms that take effect on the selected day by placing a checkmark in the appropriate term checkbox.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update your selected term date and click the "Close" button to return to the calendar view.

Helpful Tip: Take a peek at your terms dates by clicking the "View Term Dates" quick link on the side!

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