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Efficiently manage school attendance and track instructional days by setting specific "Special Days" for non-instructional days.

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In jmc Office, the "Special Days" feature allows users to establish specific days of school attendance for all grades or individual grade levels, incorporating non-instructional days within the academic calendar. By setting special "No School" days for holidays or professional development, users can accurately track instructional days, ensuring compliance with the required number of instructional days in the school year. This feature assists in maintaining an organized and accurate count of school days for effective planning and assessment.

To set special days, log in to jmc Office and navigate to Attendance > Calendar > Days.

Step One: Select the "Special Days" radio button to begin selecting non-instructional school days.

Step Two: Select the appropriate grade level or choose "All Grades" from the "Grades" drop-down list to set "Special Days" for all or selected groups of students.

Step Three: Double-click the day in the calendar to set the days a particular grade level in your building has no school. Continue double-clicking until the correct "Special Day" designation is selected.

  • "School Day": a normal school day including the number associated with that school day.

  • "No School": no school for the entire day for the selected grade level.

  • "No School AM": no school in the morning for the selected grade level.

  • "No School PM": no school in the afternoon for the selected grade level.

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