Once a medication inventory is entered, health care professionals can begin scheduling recurring appointments for students in jmc Office. Schedule recurring appointments for students to communicate vital information such as date, time and medication type to those administering medication. Improve communication and keep your kiddos safe and healthy by scheduling recurring appointments in jmc!

In jmc Office go to Health > Medication Log > Edit Student Medications, then click the Appointments tab to schedule recurring appointments.

Step One: Select the student by entering the name of the student in the "Find" field to begin the scheduling process.

Step Two: Click the "Add Row" button to begin scheduling a recurring appointment.

Helpful Tip: If there are no medications defined for the selected student, a pop-up message will appear telling you to add the medication before scheduling an appointment.

Step Three: Click the "Edit" button to change appointment information.

Step Four: Select the medication that will be administered during this appointment from the “Medication” drop-down list.

Step Five: Enter the date of the first appointment in the "Start Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Six: Enter the time the medication is to be administered in the "Time" field (for example 12:00PM).

Step Seven: Enter an amount in the "Dosage" field to indicate the quantity of medication the student is to receive at each appointment.

Step Eight: Enter the date of the last appointment in the "End Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Nine: Select one of the following radio button in the "Recurrence" box to indicate how often the appointment will reoccur:

  • Daily: Indicates the appointment will be set for "Every Weekday" or "Every X Days" as indicated in the "Occurrence" box

  • Once: Indicates that the appointment will only occur one time on the date and time specified

  • Weekly: Indicates the appointment will occur on specific days of the week or "Every X Weeks" as indicated in the "Occurrence" box

Step Ten: Click the "Update" button to save your changes for this appointment or click the "Cancel" button to discard them.

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