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Logging in to the jmc Family app is a snap!
Logging in to the jmc Family app is a snap!

Now that you have the Family app downloaded and installed, let's get you logged in to it!

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The first step when logging in is to connect the app to your kiddo’s district. This one-time simple step ensures you’re viewing the correct information. But... before you begin, have your PIN code ready! The PIN code needed to connect to your district’s database is found on the login page of the jmc Family portal. Once you are connected to your district you just need to log in with your username and password!

Connecting the app to your district

The jmc Family app needs to know which district your students attend. The first time you run the app it will ask for the district's PIN Code found on your jmc Family portal's login page.

Step One: Click the jmc Family app button on your mobile device to open the application.

Step Two: Connect the app to your district by entering your district's 4-digit mobile app PIN code.

Helpful Tip: Can’t remember how to find your district's PIN Code? No worries, simply click the “Need help finding the PIN code?” link and follow the directions on the “PIN Code Help” screen.

Step Three: Click the “VERIFY” button to connect the app to your district and to move on to the login screen.

Entering a username and password

Your district's name should now be displayed underneath the jmc logo. If so, you’ve successfully connected the app to your district! The app will remember your district and not ask again.

Step One: Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields to get connected.

Helpful Tip: The app uses the same username and password combination as the Family portal!

Step Two: Click the "VERIFY" button to log in to the jmc Family app.

A few helpful tips:

  • Can’t quite remember your login credentials? Click "Forgot Username or Password” and follow the directions to recover them.

  • Wrong district displayed underneath the jmc Family app logo? No biggie. Click the “Switch Districts” link at the bottom of the screen and re-enter your PIN code.

Still having trouble logging in? Check out this troubleshooting article or send us a message! We'd love to help you.

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