Are you ready to get teacher conferences rolling? The Teacher Conference Scheduler lets teachers and families work together to schedule meetings that fit their needs. Quickly get things started in jmc Office by adding conference dates, setting the length of conferences, and opening conference scheduling so that teachers and families have what they need to communicate effectively.

Let's configure conference settings by going to Teacher Conference Scheduler > Settings.

Step One: Click the "Add Row" link to create a new date/time slot for your conferences or click the "Edit" link to make a change to an existing conference schedule.

Step Two: Enter the date of your conferences in the "Conference Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Three: Enter a "Start Time" and "End Time" in the appropriate fields to define the length of your conference day or simply click the clock icons.

Step Four: Enter the length of each conference time slot in the "Appointment Length (Minutes)" field to set the length of each individual conference.

Step Five: Click the "Save" link to create a parent-teacher conference date or click the "Cancel" link to discard changes.

Step Six: Repeat the above steps to add each additional day for parent-teacher conferences.

Fun Fact: By default, all courses in jmc are included on teacher conference schedules unless deactivated. To deactivate a course from the the Teacher Conference Scheduler head to Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data and perform the following:

  • Enter the course name in the "Find" field to select the course.

  • Remove the checkmark from the "Include in Teacher Conference Schedules" checkbox to deactivate the course

  • Click the "Save" button to update your changes.

Step Seven: Select the "Closed", "Open" or "Locked" radio buttons from the "Family Access" box to set the Teacher Conference Scheduler availability in jmc Family.

  • Closed: disables the Teacher Conference Scheduler in jmc Family

  • Open: grants families the ability to sign up for scheduled offerings

  • Locked: grants families the ability to view scheduled conferences but disables their ability to make changes

Helpful Tip: Select the "Locked" option prior to the scheduled conference to prevent families from making last minute changes and disrupting teacher schedules.

Step Eight: Click the "Email Families" button to send all families in your building a notification that conference registration is open.

Fun Fact: The "Email Families" button is enabled when the "Open" or "Locked" radio buttons are selected in the "Family Access" box.

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