Students transferring into or out of a district requires a considerable amount of data being shared between the two districts. jmc facilitates the transfer process between jmc districts, making sending and receiving student data a snap! jmc's Student Transfer option simplifies the process by electronically packaging student records from one district and importing to another.

Reduce the time and hassle of data entry by heading to Attendance > Student > Student Transfer.

Exporting A Student

  • The process is as simple as selecting a student that is in your database and clicking a button!

  • Decide whether or not you would like to include "Student Discipline" data among the other data you are packaging.

  • Export a file containing all of the data to send to the district receiving the student.

  • Complete the student transfer by going through the "Drop Student" process after exporting the data.

Importing A Student

  • Create a new student or select an existing student that is returning to your district.

  • The district the student is transferring from will share a file of student data with you to be saved on your computer.

  • Choose the import file from your computer and click a button to import the transfer student data. It's as simple as that!

  • jmc's software knows exactly what to do with the data that has been imported into your database from the transfer student's previous school.

What data is included in the transfer?

  • Student Demographics: basic demographics such as name, legal name, grade, date of birth, gender, and race/ethnicity

  • Student Health: immunizations and Health History items

  • Student Primary Contacts: names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of primary contacts

  • Student Activities: any extracurricular activity history for the student

  • Student Transcripts: courses, grades, and credits from the transcript

  • Student Discipline History (optional): discipline infraction history including date/time and reason

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