Studies show that children benefit when schools and families have strong relationships: students are more likely to perform well academically, stay in school, graduate, and do well socially. Teacher conferences play a vital role in strengthening the family-school relationship, but it can be unnecessarily stressful for all involved.

jmc developed the Teacher Conference Scheduler module as a way to simplify the entire process for everyone, fostering better school-community collaboration without added stress by making it convenient to set up any number of conference dates and allowing families to sign up right within the jmc Family portal.

Teachers modify in jmc Teacher
The module allows teachers to adjust their conference schedule in jmc Teacher to reflect when they will be unavailable due to meetings, meal breaks, etc. Teachers can also set the time and length of conferences and reserve blocks and/or override appointments on behalf of families, allowing flexibility for more time with students who have greater needs.

  • Enter important student milestones or areas of opportunities for quick reference during the conference.

  • Send an email reminder to families of their selected conference date, time, and room

  • Print a schedule for easy reference throughout the conferences.

  • Track which families attended conferences so follow up is a breeze.

Families sign up in jmc Family portal
Families can schedule time with teachers to discuss student academic performance right from within the jmc Family portal. They'll receive an email when sign up is open, be able to view available appointment times and receive a reminder regarding their upcoming conference appointment.

  • View all the teachers for each student to build an efficient conference day schedule.

  • Print a conference schedule to have key information readily available.

Office professionals collect data in jmc Office
Front office professionals experience a smooth post-conference checklist in jmc Office. Teachers mark family attendance online, so instead of deciphering handwriting and compiling data from dozens of sign-up sheets, they can simply run a report – including which families didn’t attend – and send a follow-up email. Tracking family attendance percentage and checking in with families is now a couple of clicks, rather than a couple of hours.

  • Allow families access to the conference schedule with a simple checkbox when setup is finished.

  • Configure courses to be included in the teacher conference scheduler simply by placing a checkmark in a checkbox on the Edit Course Data page.

  • Define the dates and time frame available for conferences to occur.

  • Set the time allowed for each conference between a teacher and family to define the available time slots during the conference day(s).

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