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Process Attendance Hotline Submissions
Process Attendance Hotline Submissions

As families report absences via the Attendance Hotline your Edit Attendance page lists those pending absences, ready for you to process.

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The Period Attendance Hotline feature allows families to use the Family app to let the school know of an impending absence! As you process daily attendance, you’ll be alerted to family attendance hotline submissions on the Edit Attendance page. You will be able to accept those new absence submissions right from that page.

To review the attendance hotline submissions navigate to Period Attendance > Data > Edit Attendance in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the “Select” link in the “Attendance Hotline” box to view, accept, or ignore an attendance submission.

Fun Fact: The date and reason for the absence that has been submitted by the primary contact will be displayed in the “Attendance Hotline” box.

Step Two: Select the appropriate entry in the “All Day” box or the period fields to mark the student absent or tardy.

Step Three: Select one of the pre-defined reason codes in the box marked “Reasons” to add the reason for the absence or tardy.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the “Merged” checkbox to let your team know that this record has been reviewed, processed, and merged into your attendance records.

Helpful Tip: To ignore a submission, simply check the “Merged” checkbox without recording any absence. This will leave your attendance records for that particular student untouched.

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