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Adding and editing contacts on Edit Contacts
Adding and editing contacts on Edit Contacts

Contact names, address, email addresses, and phone numbers can all be stored for message center notifications, mailed reports, and emails.

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Complete contact records allow all parts of jmc Office to work efficiently. The Message Center can send text messages and make phone calls, families can access the Family portal, and school mailings get to the primary contacts. The Edit Contacts page allows you to add new contacts to your jmc software or to make changes to existing contacts.

Let's take a look at how to edit a contact record, from changing the address to marking a phone number able to receive text messages. Navigate to Attendance > Contacts > Edit Contacts to get started.

Step One: Use the "Find" drop-down list at the top of the page to select an existing contact or click the "Add" button to create a new contact.

Helpful Tip: Any students associated with the selected contact are displayed in the "Students with this Contact" list with the student names and contact type. This can be helpful in identifying family members.

Step Two: Enter or change the contact name and address information in the appropriate fields to update your record.

Step Three: Enter the contact's email address in the "Email 1" field to be able to email this contact.

Helpful Tip: Enter up to eight email addresses for each contact if the contact wants to be notified via multiple addresses.

Step Four: Enter a phone number for the contact in the "Phone" field to have the contact's phone number available for calling or messaging.

Helpful Tip: Enter up to eight phone numbers to be called/messaged for each contact.

Step Five: Enter a description for each phone number in the "Description" field to easily identify the phone number at a later date.

Helpful Tip: For example, the phone description might be "Dad's cell", "Mom's work", or "Home landline".

Step Six: Select a phone type from the "Type" drop-down list to identify how the phone number is used.

Step Seven: Select a phone numeric rank from the "Rank" drop-down list to prioritize the phone numbers.

Helpful Tip: Rank 1 is a higher priority phone than a rank 2 phone. Higher priority phone numbers are contacted earliest.

Step Eight: Place a checkmark in the appropriate "Messaging Service" checkboxes to identify this phone number for text messaging, phone calling, and notifications.

Helpful Tip: Only phone numbers marked with the "SMS" option will be text messaged.

Step Nine: Click either of the "Save" buttons to record your contact updates.

Step Ten: Click either of the "Delete" buttons to delete a contact and remove it from your jmc database permanently.

Step Eleven: Click either of the "Print" buttons to print a copy of the current contact to have for reference.

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