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Navigating the jmc Office Homepage
Navigating the jmc Office Homepage

The home page is a user-friendly dashboard that unifies essential tools, information, and support, enhancing workflow and user experience.

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The jmc Office home page is not just a central hub of information for all office users; it's also a versatile dashboard designed to streamline your workflow. It offers a user-friendly interface where you can access critical communication tools, stay updated on important announcements, access learning resources, and easily navigate through the system. By placing these essential features on the home page, we ensure that you always have quick and consistent access to what you need, precisely when you need it most, enhancing your overall experience with jmc Office.

Discover the following key components:

  • Today's school day number: at the top, you'll find the current date and school day number for quick reference.

  • Pending submissions: keep an eye on pending submissions from families, teachers, or coaches with a visual indicator, making it easy to track items awaiting review and approval.

  • Upcoming learning opportunities: in the middle of the page, you'll find news and calendar events from the jmc training team to stay informed about upcoming learning opportunities.

  • Support: the team's contact information, including phone number, email address, and remote support link, is readily available in the upper right corner for your convenience.

  • Submitting a feature request: easily provide feedback or suggest feature enhancements by clicking the link that grants direct access to UserVoice, our product feedback tool, to contribute your feature ideas for jmc.

  • Current Year and Building: use the drop-down lists to switch seamlessly between different buildings and school years, ensuring flexibility in your work.

  • Quick Links: the "Quick Links" section on the right edge of the page offers page links relevant to the currently displayed content, providing quick navigation to essential areas.

  • Menu tree: explore data items (modules) organized by task and function, allowing efficient access to various features and functionalities.

  • In-app Widget: for in-app help and access to technical support, look to the bottom right corner of the page, where you'll find a convenient widget for assistance.

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