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Navigating the View Student Data page
Navigating the View Student Data page

The View Student Data page is a student information dashboard with demographics, contacts, enrollment, state reporting data, and much more.

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With hundreds of student fields being tracked in jmc, we identified the challenge of how we were going to make the student data available to you. We knew the solution needed to be simple, easy to navigate, and accessible. So we wrangled all that data and provided a student dashboard on the View Student Data page in jmc Office.

Here are the types of data living on the View Student Data page.

  • Basic demographics: name, gender, grade level, birth date, ID, email address, and many more! If you need to track it, it is probably here.

  • Contacts: parents, emergency contacts, doctors, lunch contact, fee contact, and anyone else you'd like to associate with a student.

  • Bus: transportation information including route bus numbers, driver name, and pick-up/drop-off times/locations.

  • Comments: both internal office comments and teacher-viewable comment information for any extra information needed to be known about the student.

  • Custom Fields: any school-defined custom field information tracked for the student.

  • Digital Equity: Digital Equity information (student access to technology/Internet etc.) is collected primarily through family survey responses. However, there may be instances where you will need to edit this data from the View Student Data page directly.

  • Enrollment: entry and exit dates, codes, and other fields for all of the date spans the student was/is enrolled in your school.

  • Entry: birthplace details, immigrant status, migrant status, entry date into the district, and more specific information needed to track for your state.

  • LIEP: state-specific LIEP fields.

  • MN - MARSS: enrollment status record information for state reporting.

  • Photo: the student's current photo.

  • MN - Program History: any programs the student is part of, such as Coordinated Early Intervening Services or Student Language Instruction (SLIPA).

  • WI - Programs: any programs the student is part of, such as Coordinated Early Intervening Services or Student Language Instruction (SLIPA).

  • Race/Ethnicity: the ethnicity and race(s) the student identifies as.

  • Sensitive: legal name and birth sex.

  • Special Ed: dates of service, IEP status, and comments.

  • IA - State Rpt: diploma category, Biliteracy Seal Language, and At-Risk, and more.

  • IA - Title I/III: title I Reading and Math.

  • WI - State Rpt: reason Out of District, Resident Education Organization, and more.

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