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Exploring jmc Office
Exploring jmc Office

jmc Office is the set of tools for all your student information needs.

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jmc Office is a software solution, hosted by jmc or in your own district, to manage all your student records. With its robust functionality and intuitive interface, we made jmc Office software to help school administrative professionals save time, eliminate outdated processes and streamline workflows.

jmc Office is comprised of the following modules.


Extracurricular and athletic activities are integral parts of a school's daily business. The jmc Activities module helps you administer activities efficiently and allows easier communication between school, coaches/advisors, and families. Users can set team rosters, message families, and look up student emergency contact details, all without asking the front office for help. Pair this module with jmc's Coach/Advisor app to manage extracurriculars on the go.


The Attendance module (required to run jmc software) is the heart of our system. It allows users to track student and teacher demographic data, attendance records, contact info, advisor/advisee lists and assignments, and more all from one convenient, centralized location. Print and/or export lists of data from the Attendance module---including ELL/LEP, enrollment history, and standardized test scores---using jmc's query engine, Student Lists.


Clear, timely communication is vital to managing any school system, and jmc takes that to heart. Our Communication module makes it easy to keep track of student communication records and interactions, whether they're positive or negative, about a student or their caregiver, or take place during school or outside of a school setting. Teachers can use the module for quick and immediate communication with the front office. Admins can use it to easily export reports broken down by reporter, student information, date, and/or detail of communication.


Tracking student behavior can take away valuable time from teaching. The Discipline module allows teachers to quickly record disciplinary interactions and relay them to the front office, where administrators can share them with families and anyone else who needs up-to-date information on a student’s behavior. Create your own problem behaviors and actions or choose from a list of predefined ones included in the module.


The Grades module (purchased together with jmc's Schedules module) offers comprehensive grades management and reporting for K-12 schools from a single convenient location. In addition to maintaining and reporting grades and generating grading lists and reports, users can use the Grades module to edit, print, and email transcripts; determine class ranks and GPAs; and check that students have completed credit requirements for graduation.


jmc's Health module can help turn your school's health office into an efficient clinic! The Health module manages all of a school’s health needs in one easy-to-use program. School health professionals can use the module to manage and search student health records; track office visits, health screenings and medication; and maintain immunization records. Families can access the module through jmc Family to view and print student health histories.

jmc Family

The jmc Family module in jmc Office helps you foster better school community collaboration by collecting, disseminating and providing resources to families starting the new school year! Set up online registration by defining the data elements you are collecting along with your welcome message and finishing instructions. Easily merge data to pull online registration information into jmc when families are finished with the registration process and review the families that still need to submit information with the handy progress dashboard. Customize and manage all of the information your families can access through the jmc Family portal and jmc Family App!


The jmc Lunch module seamlessly manages school meal administration, from high-level menu planning to lunchline sales. Food services professionals can use the Lunch module to maintain meal accounts, prepare monthly reports, and handle FRP accounting. Students and their families can access the module through jmc Family to stay informed about meal account balances and transactions.

Message Center

Communication is key at jmc! Message Center, our fully integrated voice, email, and text messaging module, makes it easy for schools to build positive relationships with their families and students. With Message Center, users can direct messages to specific groups by grade level, activity, course, and even bus number. Record and save common messages for future use, or use our text-to-voice feature to type a message that will be read by your choice of a male or female voice when the call is placed.

Enrollment Forms -- New Family Enrollment

We all love it when new families with young kids move into our districts. But entering their information can be time-consuming, and increase the chance of human error. The New Family Enrollment module allows new familes to enter demographic data and information about students who are going to be newly enrolled in a district from any web browser. They'll appreciate the convenience of online access, and you'll get a big head start on data entry for your new families.

Online Payments

Transform payment collection in your school community with jmc's secure and intuitive Online Payments module. With the Online Payments module, schools can accept credit card or ACH payments for tuition, fees, and meal plans 24/7, giving families a more convenient option over paper checks or cash. Admins can also issue refunds, reconcile payments, and access reports by student or date all from within the module, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Period Attendance

The Period Attendance module gives districts the flexibility to track student attendance by period. (This is used when students are scheduled into courses, as in typical in middle and high schools). The module allows schools to track absences, tardies, and reasons for absences on a period-by-period basis from any computer with internet access. Generate by-period attendance reports and include attendance histories on students' report cards.


Conveniently manage the student scheduling process from end to end with jmc's Schedules module. The Schedules module (purchased together with jmc's Grades module) eliminates the need for time-consuming hand scheduling. Administrators can use it to generate and customize master schedules, bulk load courses and students, analyze and solve student schedule conflicts, and more.

Standards and Benchmarks

jmc's Standards and Benchmarks module offers schools an assessment option that's customized to their needs. Use the module to set locally defined standards and benchmarks, create and record formative assessments, link assignments to benchmarks to calculate results, and generate standards and benchmarks report cards. (Please note, this module is required to produce custom elementary school report cards.)

State Reporting

Accurate, compliant state reporting is key to securing government funding for your school district. At jmc, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with state reporting requirements. Our State Reporting module is currently certified in Iowa (SRI, TIER), Minnesota (MARSS, MCCC, STAR, Perkins, EarlyEd, CountingAllStudents), Nebraska (ADVISER), and Wisconsin (WISEdata, WISEed).

Teacher Conference Scheduler

The Teacher Conference Scheduler module streamlines teacher conference scheduling---no more juggling paper sign-up sheets! The module allows schools to post-conference schedules online so families can sign up for available time slots themselves. Teachers can set the time and length of conferences, reserve blocks and/or override appointments on behalf of families, and send confirmation and reminder emails, if desired.

Tuition and Fees
The Tuition and Fees module allows schools to easily track tuition and fees for students and/or families. Users define and set up their own fees---fee types can include school tuition, library fines, activity fees, and more. Charge fees throughout the school year, print reports, and maintain accounts, all from within the module. Schools that have purchased the Online Parent feature in jmc Office can give families online access to fee transactions and account balances.

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