Setting meal prices

Automate meal costs and pricing adjustments in jmc Office for an efficient lunch line experience.

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In jmc Office, set meal costs for regular or alternative breakfast, lunch, and extras within a specific pricing group, including full cost, reduced cost, and free options. Dynamic pricing automatically adjusts the meal cost at the point of sale based on the purchaser's pricing group and lunch status, eliminating the need for manual price lookup and ensuring a faster and more efficient lunch line.

Head to Lunch > Data Setup > Edit Meal Prices at the district level to set meal prices for the various pricing groups in your school.

Step One: Select a group from the "Price Groups" drop-down list to begin setting breakfast and lunch prices for a specified group.

Helpful Tip: Not seeing the pricing group you are looking for? Head to Lunch > Data Setup > Edit Pricing Groups to establish pricing groups for your school.

Step Two: Click the "Edit" link next to a row in the "Breakfast" or "Lunch" box to edit the price of a full cost, reduced cost, free meal or extra milk item.

Helpful Tip: Avoid changing the "Meal Name" in jmc as it may impact Free and Reduced reporting, which relies on these items for accurate data at the end of the month.

Step Three: Enter the price the student will be charged at the Point of Sale in the appropriate field under the “Individual” column.

Step Four (optional): Enter the contributions from the state or federal government for each meal or meal item in the appropriate fields under the "State" and "Federal" columns.

Helpful Tip: By entering state and federal contributions, the "Reimbursables" report in jmc itemizes the amount owed to your school by the state and federal government, providing a clear overview of financial reimbursements.

Step Five: Click the "Update" link to set the meal name and price or click the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Step Six: Repeat Step one through five for each applicable item for all pricing groups to establish meal prices for your school.

Helpful Tip: If your school offers an alternative meal option with separate pricing, you can easily edit the "Alternative" breakfast and lunch rows in jmc to set the regular, free, and reduced costs for these meals.

Step Seven (optional): Click the "Print" button to print a list of your breakfast and lunch meals including their price.

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