Setting correct meal prices is critical to maintaining accurate student and family lunch accounts because it allows students and families to be charged the correct amounts. jmc Office's Lunch module makes it simple to set the prices of breakfasts and lunches with all meals and prices on one page.

Meal prices are set for each pricing group at Lunch > Data Setup > Edit Meal Prices and typically include meals for students, adults, and milk prices. Let's look at how to set prices including reimbursable amounts for meals.

Step One: Select which price group you want to view or edit from the "Price Groups" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: If you don't see the pricing group you need, head to Lunch > Data Setup > Edit Pricing Groups to create one.

Step Two: Click the "Edit" link to edit the price of a meal or drink item.

Helpful Tip: jmc does not recommend changing the name of meal items because all Free and Reduced reporting at the end of the month is based on these items.

Step Three: Enter the price the student will be charged at the Point of Sale in the appropriate field under the “Individual” column.

Step Four (optional): Enter the contributions from the state or federal government for each meal or meal item in the appropriate fields under the "State" and "Federal" columns.

Helpful Tip: Enter the amount of money the government will reimburse you for meal/milk items - that way you can run a report itemizing the amount you are owed by the state and federal government.

Step Five: Click the "Update" link to set the meal name and price or click the "Cancel" link to discard our changes.

Step Six: Click the "Print" button to print a list of your breakfast and lunch meals including their price.

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