In the jmc Office Lunch Module, purchases can be disallowed to whole areas, like Lunch A La Cartes, or specific items, like milk or pastries. Disallowing an entire area is helpful if a family does not want their student to buy any extras in the lunch room. Or if the objection is to a specific food item, families can disallow a specific item.

Head to Lunch > Data > Edit Student Lunch Data to mark restricted items for a student and even add a message to display at the point of sale.

Step One: Select the student you'd like to edit allowed purchases for by entering their name in the "Find" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click the “Allowed Purchases” tab to restrict items a student can purchase.

Step Three: Remove the checkmark from the checkbox for any items the family does not want the student to purchase.

Fun Fact: Click the "+" button to see a list of all breakfast and lunch a la carte items to specify items a student is allowed to purchase.

Helpful Tip: Add a “POS Display Message” to alert the Point of Sale user of the reason for the restricted purchases.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update the student's disallowed meal and a la carte items.

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