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Preventing lunch purchases
Preventing lunch purchases

Disallow purchases for specific items or entire areas, allowing families to have control over their students' lunchroom choices.

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In the jmc Office Lunch Module, you can disallow purchases for entire areas, such as Lunch A La Cartes, or specific items, like milk or pastries. This feature allows families to restrict their students from purchasing extras or specific food items in the lunchroom based on their preferences or dietary restrictions.

Head to Lunch > Data > Edit Student Lunch Data to mark restricted items for a student and even add a message to display at the point of sale.

Step One: Select the student you'd like to edit allowed purchases for by entering their name in the "Find" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click the “Allowed Purchases” tab to restrict items a student can purchase.

Step Three: Remove the checkmark from the checkbox for any items the family does not want the student to purchase.

Fun Fact: Click the "+" button to see a list of all breakfast and lunch a la carte items to specify items a student is allowed to purchase.

Helpful Tip: Add a “POS Display Message” to alert the Point of Sale user of the reason for the restricted purchase.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update the student's disallowed meal and a la carte items.

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