School employees can be set up in jmc Office to have lunch accounts with a simple workaround! Similar to student lunch accounts, employees can have their own ID number to use for lunch purchases and can receive updates about their account such as low balance messages and make payments by entering them on the New Student Wizard.

To create an adult lunch account, log in to jmc Office and head to Edit > New Student Wizard. We will begin with the basics of entering their information and end with them breezing through the lunch line.

Step One: Click the "New to District" radio button from the "New/Existing Student" box to enter their demographic data for a lunch account.

Step Two: Click the "New Student" button to begin entering the employee's information.

Step Three: Enter the employee's name in the "First" and "Last" fields.

Step Four: Select their gender using the "Gender" drop-down list to continue.

Step Five: Select "Adult" from the "Grade" down-down list to specify this is an adult account versus a student account.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to create the employee's school lunch account.

A few helpful tips

  • Enter the school employee as their own primary contact, with email and phone information, so they can receive low balance notices, make online payments, and receive voice and text messages.

  • Uncheck the "Attendance," "State Report," "Rank," and "Honor Roll" checkboxes for all of your adults to prevent them from appearing on unintended reports.

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