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Accept payment for tuition or fees using a bank account or credit card in jmc Office
Accept payment for tuition or fees using a bank account or credit card in jmc Office

Need to make an ACH or Credit Card deposit into a Tuition and Fees account through jmc Office? Check out this "How To" article!

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Have a parent that wants to make a tuition or fee payment over the phone? Office professionals have yet another way to collect tuition or other fees through jmc Office! Accommodate families that would like to pay tuition or fees directly from their bank account or by using a credit card. Select the type of fee to pay, enter account information and complete the transaction in the jmc Office module.

Head to Tuition and Fees > Data > Edit Student Fee Data or Edit Family/Org Fee Data to take a payment!

Step One: Select the student or family whose account is receiving the payment by entering the name of the student or family in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "jmc Online Payment (Student/Family Account)" button to enter ACH or Credit Card payment information.

Step Three: Select a radio button from the "Payment Type" box to identify whether you are paying toward the balance or paying a specific fee. Then follow the steps below:

  • To pay toward the balance, enter the amount of the payment in the "Payment Amount" field then click the "OK" button.

  • To pay a specific fee, select the fee from the "Student Fees" box then click the "OK" button.

Fun Fact: Only the charges that have been loaded for the student will appear in the "Fees" box

Step Four: Click the "Credit Card" tab to make a credit card payment or select the "Bank Account" tab to make an ACH payment.

Step Five: Fill in the appropriate payment information in the fields provided.

Step Six: Click the "Submit Deposit" button to finalize the payment or click the "Cancel" button to cancel the transaction.

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