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Add/Edit a Fee Account in the Tuition and Fees module
Add/Edit a Fee Account in the Tuition and Fees module

In the Tuition and Fees module, use fee accounts to group all fees associated with the same bank account.

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Organize your chargeable fees into groups using fee accounts. Define one fee account per district bank account or department and then assign each of your fees to the appropriate fee account. As fees are charged and paid, jmc Office reports subtotal by fee account so you have easy access to dollar totals per bank account.

To set up a fee account log in to jmc office and navigate to Tuition/Fees > Data > Fee Accounts.

Step One: Click the "Add Fee Account" button to add a new fee account or click the "Edit" button to modify an existing fee account.

Helpful Tip: Coordinate setting up fee accounts with the business office to agree upon a list of fee accounts which work best for your school.

Step Two: Enter the fee account name in the "Fee Account Name" field to name your account.

Step Three (optional): Enter an account code in the "Fee Account Code" field to provide a reference to the bank account or fund associated with this fee account.

Step Four: Click the "Update" button to record the account name and account code or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

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