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Brushing up on Tuition and Fees reports
Brushing up on Tuition and Fees reports

jmc's tuition and fees reports provide comprehensive and customizable tools for effective fee management and tracking in your school.

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jmc's tuition and fees reports are designed to facilitate your office in maintaining accurate records of charges levied, payments received, and outstanding balances. These reports provide a detailed breakdown of payments and charges for each fee category designated by your school. With the aid of these reports, your office will have reliable references for bookkeeping, along with the ability to review balances due and payments made.

Discover a multitude of customizable reports in the jmc Office under the section Tuition/Fees > Reports. Here's an overview of the types of reports available to help you efficiently manage your data:

  • Print Statements: conveniently print or email financial statements to either all students' families or a chosen group, facilitating families in managing their dues. This feature allows you to filter reports based on variables such as grade, student name, balances, or billing end date.

  • Fee Balance Sheet: quickly check balances for all family accounts or focus on those exceeding a certain amount. For instance, with just a few clicks, you can see all families with an account balance of $-10.00. For further ease, these results can be exported or printed as needed.

  • Fee Summary: a comprehensive overview of all charges and payments applied to family accounts within a defined timeframe. You can tailor this report to exclusively display charges, payments, and the types of payments made by students and families during a particular period. Additionally, these summaries can be previewed, printed, or exported as a CSV file for added convenience.

  • Payment Check: access a list of payments made by students or families within a given time period. If you need to identify families who haven't made any payments, the system enables you to fine-tune your search based on the count of payments made.

  • Fees Charged: view the total fees charged within a specific building over a set timeframe. The system also allows you to narrow your search based on grade level or individual fee, providing a targeted overview of charges.

  • Fee List: generate a list of families that have been charged a particular fee within a specified period. It also offers the flexibility to search for specific fees and conveniently preview, export, and print the information for further use.

  • Fee Payments: view a comprehensive list of all payments sorted by fee. This report can be generated for all students simultaneously, or you can look up individual students using the "By Random" search feature for more specific data.

  • Fee Account Payments: generate a list of payments made by families to each distinct fee account. The data is sortable by both date range and fee account, fostering efficiency and ease in data management. Furthermore, this report allows for simple previewing, exporting, and printing of the collected data for future reference.

jmc's reports provide detailed, actionable data, helping your office manage and track the financial aspects of your institution effectively.

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