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Entering immunizations into jmc Office
Entering immunizations into jmc Office

Maintain current health records for your students by entering immunization records into the Health module of jmc Office.

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The Health module in jmc Office provides a convenient solution for tracking student immunizations. Health professionals can import immunization records directly from a state database or enter them manually and then run reports in the Health module to keep students healthy and safe and maintain compliance with state regulations.

Check out these handy immunization features available in the Health module!

Importing Immunizations

The quickest and most convenient method for maintaining up to date immunization records in jmc is to import immunization records directly from a state database. After you have gained access to your state's immunization database you are ready to receive updated immunization records for your students with just a few clicks.

  • Export the appropriate files to your state's immunization database to establish a connection between the students in your school and the patient records in the state's system.

  • Import files from your state's immunization database into jmc to create complete jmc Health records for the students in your school.

Manually Entering Immunizations

When updating immunization records it might be easier to manually enter data for individual students as you receive proof of vaccination. With the Health module you can create and edit immunization records for individual students to maintain up to date student health records.

  • Create new or edit existing records for students to maintain current records as you receive new information regarding student immunizations.

  • Simply select an immunization from a pre-loaded list of federal immunizations and include administration information to maintain a complete record.

  • Print or export an individual student's immunization records to store and review at your convenience.

Running Immunization Reports in jmc

Maintaining immunization records in jmc Health gives users the ability to run a variety of reports to easily keep track of compliance with state regulations. View records for individual students, check to see which students have a specific vaccination and view who might not be in compliance with Immunization reports in jmc Health.

  • Run an "Immunization Query" in to search for students by age or grade range that have or have not received a specific immunization.

  • Run an "Immunization Compliance" report to view all required immunizations for a grade level along with the students in that grade and their status for each immunization.

  • Run an "Exemptions" report to see all students in your database that have an exemption from an immunization due to conscientious objection, medical exemptions, immunity or religious exemptions.

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