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Print formal discipline letters
Print formal discipline letters

Use the Discipline Module to print formal discipline letters for families in regards to their student's disciplinary actions.

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After discipline records are entered by office professionals, administrators, or counselors in jmc Office, print a formal letter to send to the family to keep them updated with their student's discipline records. The letter includes the date of the action, the problem behavior, and contact information for the families to reach out with any questions.

To get started printing formal discipline letters log in to jmc Office and head to Discipline > Data > Edit Student Discipline.

Step One: Select the student whose discipline records you want to view by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Select the discipline record you want to print the formal letter for in the "Discipline Records for Current Year" box.

Step Three: Click the "Print Letter" button to review the letter.

Step Four: Edit the body of the letter as you desire.

Helpful Tip: The "Body of Letter" is a template provided by jmc, feel free to customize it to best meet the needs of your school.

Fun Fact: Click the "Reload Original" button to clear your edits and return to the template.

Step Five: Click the "Accept" button to download a PDF of the letter for printing and sending to the family or click the "Cancel" button to discard the letter.

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