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Making a fee account payment in jmc Office
Making a fee account payment in jmc Office

jmc Office simplifies the task of recording and managing fee account payments, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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Making fee account payments in jmc Office is a seamless process facilitated by the Tuition/Fees module. With the ability to create payment transactions, administrators can accurately track money coming into fee accounts. Whether it's cash, check, or credit payments, the system provides the necessary tools to log payments with precision. By entering payments in student or family accounts, accurate account balances are reflected, and comprehensive payment reports can be generated.

To initiate a payment in the Tuition/Fees module, you can navigate to either Tuition/Fees > Data > Edit Student Fee Data to allocate funds to a specific student or Tuition/Fees > Data > Edit Family/Org Fee Data to designate funds for an entire family.

Step One: Enter a student or family fee contact name in the "Find" field to begin applying a payment credit to their account.

Step Two: Click the "Payment..." button to begin recording a payment to the student or family fee account.

Step Three: Select the "Cash", "Check", or "Credit" radio button to specify the payment type.

Helpful Tip: When making a payment using a check, remember to enter the check number in the "Check Number" field for future reference.

Step Four: Enter the date for the payment in the "Payment Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to record the date the payment was made to the account.

Helpful Tip: If no date is entered, the "Payment Date" field in the payment transaction will automatically populate with the current date, ensuring that the transaction is recorded with the most up-to-date information.

Step Five: Enter the dollar amount in the "Payment Amount" field without including the "$" sign to record the payment amount received.

Step Six: Choose the "Balance" or "Fee" radio button in the "Payment Type" box to indicate how the payment should be applied. If selecting "Fee", select the specific fee from the "Student Fees" list to allocate the payment accordingly.

Step Seven: Enter any additional information about the transaction for future reference by entering notes in the "Comment" field.

Step Eight: Click the "OK" button to submit the payment or click the "Close" button to cancel the payment.

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