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Refunding money from a fee account in jmc Office
Refunding money from a fee account in jmc Office

Create refund transactions in student or family accounts to accurately track money going out of fee accounts.

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Issue refunds to a student or family out of their fee account in jmc Office for reconciling any account overages. Typical overages include duplicate charges or extra money in an account at graduation time. These overages should be addressed to keep accounts accurate for you and the family to view.

To make a refund and record money going out, select Tuition/Fees > Data and then choose whether you want to "Edit Student Fee Data" to designate funds to a specific student or "Edit Family/Org Fee Data" for an entire family.

Step One: Select the student or family fee contact for refunding by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Refund..." button to begin making a payment to the student or family fee account.

Step Three: Select the "Student Account" or "Family Account" radio button to designate the account the refund is coming from.

Fun Fact: The option to select the "Student Account" or "Family Account" is only available in "Edit Student Fee Data". In the "Edit Family/Org Fee Data" tab you will be automatically making a refund from the family fee account.

Step Four: Select the "Cash", "Check", or "Credit" radio button to specify the refund type.

Helpful Tip: If you are making the refund in the form of a check, enter the check number in the "Check Number" field for a record of the transaction.

Step Five: Enter the date for the refund in the "Refund Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Six: Enter the dollar amount of the refund in the "Refund Amount" field.

Helpful Tip: Save yourself a click and skip entering a $ sign. Just enter the dollar amount with or without a decimal.

Step Seven: Enter any notes in the "Comment" field to record additional information about the transaction for future reference.

Step Nine: Click the "OK" button to submit the refund or click the "Close" button to cancel.

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