Tracking fees for students allows you to manage all the items you are charging from the beginning to the end of the year, such as yearbooks, athletics fees, registration fees, and more! Enter fees for students with dates, amounts, associated course, due date, and any additional comment necessary.

Let's look at assigning a fee to a student, covering due date, amount, and everything in between. To get started go to Tuition/Fees > Data and then choose either "Edit Student Fee Data" to assign the fee to a specific student or "Edit Family/Org Fee Data" to specify a student in the family.

Step One: Select the student or family fee contact of the student to charge the fee to by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Click the "Charge..." button to begin charging a fee to the student or family fee account.

Step Three: Enter the date for the charge in the "Charge Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Four: Select the fee to charge to the student using the "Charge" drop-down list.

Step Five: Enter the due date for the charge's payment in the "Due Date" field or simply click the calendar icon.

Step Six (optional): Enter the dollar amount of the fee in the ÔÇťAmount Override" field if the student should be charged an amount different than the standard fee charge.

Helpful Tip: Save yourself a click and skip entering a $ sign. Just enter the dollar amount with or without a decimal.

Step Seven: Select the student being assessed the fee using the "Student" drop-down list in "Edit Family/Org Fee Data", or in "Edit Student Fee Data" the student is already selected for you.

Step Eight (optional): Select the course associated with the fee using the "Course" drop-down list if the fee is being charged because of the student's enrollment in a specific course.

Step Nine: Enter notes in the "Comment" field to record any additional information about the fee being charged for future reference.

Step Ten: Click the "OK" button to charge this student the selected fee or the "Close" button to exit.

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