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Configuring Period Attendance form letters
Configuring Period Attendance form letters

Easily prepare your form letter to track attendance infractions and update student discipline records.

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Setting up jmc's Period Attendance Form Letter feature removes the painstaking task of tracking attendance, typing letters, documenting behavior and action in the student's records with just a few clicks. This handy feature allows Office Professionals to quickly configure a custom attendance form letter, identifying which students have attendance infractions to be included when sending the letter.

Head to Period Attendance > Reports > Form Letters to configure Period Attendance form letters to send home to families.

Step One: Click the "Show Forms Configurations" button to select a previously created form letter from the Form Designer to add Problem Behavior and Actions.

Helpful Tip: If your configured form letter already appears in the "Select Form" drop-down list, you have previously added Problem Behavior and Actions and are ready to print.

Step Two: Click the "Add Row" to add a new form letter to your list.

Step Three: Click the "Edit" link in the new row to begin editing the configuration.

Step Four: Select appropriate form from the "Form" drop-down list to indicate which form to configure.

Step Five: Enter a description of form in the "Description" field to easily find your configured form in the future.

Step Six: Select a problem behavior from the "Problem Behavior" drop-down list to attach a behavior to the discipline module to the form.

Step Seven: Select an "Action" from the "Action" drop-down list to attach a consequence from the discipline module to the form.

Step Eight Click the "Update" link to save your changes or the "Cancel" link to discard.

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