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Adding students that are returning to your school
Adding students that are returning to your school

Returning students that have attended your district in a prior year can be enrolled back into your district using the "Add Student" feature.

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Adding returning students to your district if they have left in a prior year, is simple in jmc. The "Add Student" feature allows users to include all of the relevant information for state reporting while minimizing data entry through a user-friendly interface, which prompts you to enter all the necessary information. Simply find the returning student and fill in the fields as needed for state reporting to activate the student in your jmc site.

Head to Attendance > Student > Add Student to reactivate a student that had attended your school in a previous year.

Step One: Select the student to be added by entering the name of the student in the "Find" field and clicking their name.

Helpful Tip: Minnesota and Wisconsin schools that are reactivating a student on day one of the new school year head to the "General" tab on the View Student Data page and place a checkmark in the "Active", "Attendance" and "State Reporting" checkboxes to reinstate a returning student's active status in your jmc site and skip the remaining steps.

Step Two: Click a date in the "Day" box to select the date the student is returning to your district.

Helpful Tip: Iowa and Nebraska schools reactivating a student on day one simply select the first day of the academic year from the "Day' box to reinstate a returning student to active status.

Step Three: Enter the "Entry Code" and other relevant information in the appropriate fields to ensure proper state reporting.

Helpful Tip: Additional or unknown information about the student can be entered at a later time on the View Student Data page.

Step Four: Click the "Add" button to activate the student in the current year of your jmc site.

Helpful Tip: For new students joining your district, use the New Student Wizard in jmc to add them to your school's site. If a student is returning to your district within the same year after leaving, create the appropriate enrollment record on the Attendance > Student > Re-enter Student page.

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