In the age of virtual learning environments, states are collecting digital equity data to provide funding and access to the places that need them most. Gathering this data has never been simpler with jmc! As part of the online registration process, simply allow families to answer digital equity questions and submit them to the office from the jmc Family portal while you sit back and collect their responses!

To enable digital equity questions from jmc Office, head to jmc Family > Online Registration > Setup > Configuration Options.

Step One: Expand the "District Settings" and "Family Permissions" settings to access digital equity survey permission settings.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Allow Parents/Contacts to answer Digital Equity (Remote Learning) Questions" checkbox to enable this feature in jmc Family.

Fun Fact: When the digital equity survey is enabled in jmc Office, families can head to the "Register for 20XX-20XX" menu tree item to answer digital equity questions.

Step Three: Click the “Save" button to update changes to the Configuration Options page or simply navigate away from the page without saving to discard any changes.

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