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Communicating activity eligibility in jmc
Communicating activity eligibility in jmc

Keeping track of students that are ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities is no sweat with jmc!

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Administrators, athletic directors and health professionals have a quick and easy way to communicate with coaches and advisors regarding student/athlete eligibility with jmc. Whether a student is ineligible for health, academic or conduct reasons, utilizing the Health and Activities module in jmc along with the Coach/Advisor mobile app will keep your entire team on the same page of the playbook.

Tracking student eligibility status consists of the following parts:

  1. Setting conduct related eligibility status in the Activities module

  2. Setting Health related eligibility status in the Health module

  3. Viewing eligibility status in jmc Office

  4. Viewing eligibility status with the Coach/Advisor app

Setting conduct related eligibility status in the Activities module

With the Activities module in jmc Office, administrators and activities directors set student eligibility status to note when a student is ineligible to participate in activities due to academic or other conduct related issues. Setting student eligibility status is the first step to clearly communicating which students are qualified to participate.

  • On the Activities > Edit Student Activities page, easily set eligibility status for individual students to indicate which activities they are ineligible to participate in.

  • Students are defaulted to "Is Eligible" status allowing you to simply select the few students that may become ineligible throughout the course of the year.

  • When a student's status returns to "Eligible", simply place a checkmark in the "Is Eligible" checkbox to mark the student as eligible to participate.

Setting Health related eligibility status in the Health module

Health professionals can help keep students safe and healthy both in the classroom and during extracurricular activities by noting a student's eligibility status in the Health module in jmc Office. If a student/athlete has a concussion or other health concern with a return to participate plan, health professionals can adjust a student's health eligibility status to communicate which students are ready for action.

  • On the Health > Health History > Edit Student Health History page add a health record with a "Return to Play/Participate" category to create a health eligibility record for a student.

  • Enter the date the student is eligible for returning to participation so health care professionals, coaches and trainers can maintain health safety protocols.

  • When a student has reached the eligibility date set on the "Return to Play/Participate" record, they will automatically be set as eligible to keep everyone informed of a student's status.

Viewing eligibility status in jmc Office

Administrators that need to keep track of students that are ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities can do so right in jmc Office. Whether it is a health concern or disciplinary action that is keeping a student from participating, administrators can easily remain informed about their students eligibility status.

  • Head to the Activities > Edit Activity Rosters page to view student academic/conduct and health eligibility status.

  • Print or export reports of all students along with their eligibility status to share with coaches or activities directors.

  • Hover over the red circle next to the "Health Eligible" checkbox to view a student's return to play date.

Viewing eligibility status with the Coach/Advisor app

With the jmc Coach/Advisor mobile app, coaches, directors and advisors can view the eligibility status of the students on their roster. Coaches can easily remain in compliance with district policy and avoid putting an ineligible student on the field by keeping track of student eligibility status on the Coach/Advisor app.

  • On the Coach/Advisor app, Coaches or Advisors can view a full list of students on their rosters along with their picture and eligibility status for quick identification.

  • Ineligible participants are clearly marked in red on the Coach/Advisor app to let coaches know who is ineligible to play.

  • For students ineligible due to health reasons, the date in which they are allowed to return to participation is displayed along with the eligibility status so coaches know when their athletes will be ready to return.

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