The changing landscape of student access to technology requires an annual collection and input of digital equity data. In jmc Office, users can avoid time consuming data entry by importing digital equity data from a prior year. The digital equity import option provides the flexibility of reviewing and editing digital equity information on a case by case basis without the need for starting from square one.

To import digital equity data from a prior year in jmc Office, head to Attendance > Student > Import Digital Equity from Prior Year

Step One: Click the "Import" button to import digital equity data into the current school year.

Step Two: Click the "Print Import Summary" button to save the import summary as a pdf or print a hard copy of the import summary for your records.

Step Three: Click the ”Cancel Import Summary” button to return to the import page.

A few helpful tips:

  • Reference the import summary PDF to keep track of the records that were not included in the import so you can manually update those records as needed.

  • Create a digital equity report on the Attendance > Student > Lists page to view digital equity records for all students.

Fun Fact: jmc's digital equity import will not overwrite existing student records so records already entered for the current year will remain.

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