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Defining service opportunities in jmc Office
Defining service opportunities in jmc Office

A service opportunity in jmc contains the specific information a student needs to fulfill a service project.

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After setting up the Service Hours calendar, it's time to define service opportunities in jmc Office. Service opportunities are offerings provided to students to help organize community service efforts for an organization. Once created, students can sign up for service opportunities to give back to the community and supervisors can keep track of student participation that fulfills organizational requirements right in jmc Office.

Head to Service Hours > Opportunities to create a service opportunity.

Step One: Click a scheduled service opportunity in the "Service Hour Opportunity Times" box to add an offering for a specific service opportunity.

Step Two: Click the "Add Offering" link to begin entering service opportunity details.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Students Not In An Offering" item in the "Offerings" box to view all students that are not currently signed up for a role within a service opportunity.

Step Three: Select a teacher from the "Teacher" drop-down list to assign a teacher as the supervisor of the service opportunity.

โ€‹Step Four: Enter a name for the offering in the "Name" field to help students distinguish this opportunity from other service opportunities.

Helpful Tip: Name the opportunity a specific role students will perform such as "Serving Tables" or "Raking Yards" within the scope of the larger project such as "Back to School BBQ" or "Community Beautification Day"

Step Five: Enter a location in the "Location" field to let students know where they need to go in order to fulfill their service obligation.

Step Six: Enter a number in the "Capacity" field to limit the number of students that can be added to the offering.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to add the offering to the "Offerings" list, or click the "Close" button to discard your new offering.

Step Eight: Enter dates and times or simply click the "Calendar" and "Clock" icons in the "Student access to offerings" field to open a window of time for students to add themselves to an offering.

Helpful Tip: Enter the same date and time in both sets of fields to disable the student access window and prevent students from signing up for their own service offerings.

Step Nine (optional): Click the "Edit Offering" link to make edits to the currently selected offering in the "Offerings" box.

Step Ten (optional): Click the "Delete Offering" link to delete the currently selected offering in the "Offerings" box.

Step Eleven (optional): Click the "Copy Offerings" link to copy the service offering in the "Offerings" box to another scheduled service hour opportunity.

Step Twelve: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the currently selected offering's roster or click the "Export" button to export to a CSV file.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Email" button to send a reminder of the date and time of the service opportunity to everyone involved!

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