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Exploring jmc's Edit Menu
Exploring jmc's Edit Menu

Add student specific and school information into jmc Office with these tools located on the Edit menu.

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In jmc Office, the Edit menu is the place to go for viewing or updating student specific information to use for attendance, communication, grading and more. Edit basic student information such as names and contact information, answer custom fields questions for individual students, and supply information used for state reporting to establish a complete student record in jmc.

In jmc office, click Edit in the menu tree to take advantage of the New Student Wizard to Deleting a Student to everything in between.

New Student Wizard

Need to add a new student to your school's jmc site? The New Student Wizard will walk you through the steps for adding students to your building so you can enroll them into courses and begin counting their attendance.

Student Data

View and Edit all of the essential information for each of your students in one convenient and easy to navigate Student Data page. Edit a student's name, grade, the contacts associated with the student, enrollment information for state reporting and more in one spot on the Student Data page.

Student Custom Data

Custom fields information for your students is stored on the Student Custom Data page and the "Custom" tab of the View Student Data page. Print the student responses to the questions you asked during online registration on the student custom data page!

Student Sensitive Data

Need to record a student's legal name for state reporting purposes while displaying a student's preferred name on jmc Teacher, Student and Family? Enter this information on the Student Sensitive Data page of the Edit menu in jmc Office.

Legal and Preferred Name Differences

The perfect compliment to the Student Sensitive Data page, the Legal and Preferred Name Differences page lists a report of all students in jmc that list an alternative name.

Delete a Student

Reserved for special circumstances, the Delete a Student feature allows you to remove students from your database just in case you've accidentally created a duplicate student entry.

Renumber Students

New schools that would like to reorganize the student IDs in their database by graduation year or grade level can do so with the Renumber Students feature in the Edit menu.

Mass Change Fields

At the district level, office professionals can change student data for all students in specific grade levels with just a few clicks on the Mass Change Fields page. Override values listed on the student data page or fill empty fields for all students or selected groups of students with this handy feature in jmc!

Edit School Data

The Edit School Data page contains information such as kindergarten grade level group definitions, count dates for state reporting, transcript information and more. Elements on the edit school data page are defined on a state by state basis.

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