It's important to make sure essential school-to-home communications are being delivered to the families who need them, and the Message Status page allows you to track and manage your important messages so you can have confidence that they have been delivered! Run a message status report in jmc Office to display the status of mass email, voice, and text messages that are currently in progress or are scheduled to go out in the future.

To run a Message Status report in jmc Office, head to Message Center > Message Status.

Step One: Select "Phone Call Status," "Text Message Status," or "Email Message Status" from the "Message Type" drop-down list to indicate which report to run.

Step Two: Select a date by clicking the "Date" field or by clicking the calendar icon to view a status report for the selected message type on that date.

Step Three (optional): Click the "Delete" button above a scheduled message to delete that message from the message queue and prevent the message from being sent.

Step Four (optional): Click the "Edit" button above a scheduled message and select a new time and date by clicking in the "Scheduled Time" fields to modify when the message will be sent.

Fun Fact: Editing the date and time that a scheduled message will be sent or deleting a message right on this page gives you control, making sure that your message is delivered at just the right time!

Step Five (optional): Select a number from the "Limit" drop down list to narrow the number of records displayed.

Helpful Tip: To change the text or content of a scheduled text or voice message, first delete the message on this page, and then create and schedule a new message on the Message Center > Send Messages page.

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