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Running a "Message Status" report in jmc Office
Running a "Message Status" report in jmc Office

View real-time details about your Message Center communications to see whether they are delivered, queued or in-progress

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Effortlessly stay connected and in control of your school-to-home communication with jmc's "Message Status" report in jmc Office. Access the message status page after sending your messages to easily monitor their progress and ensure timely delivery. With this report, you can easily track the status of your mass email, voice, and text messages, including those in progress or scheduled for future delivery.

To run a Message Status report in jmc Office, head to Message Center > Message Status.

Step One: Select "Phone Call Status," "Text Message Status," or "Email Message Status" from the "Message Type" drop-down list to indicate the type of report to run.

Step Two: Click the calendar icon and select a day to view a status report for the selected message type on a specific date.

Step Three: Select a number from the "Limit" drop-down list to narrow the number of messages displayed on the report.

Step Four (optional): Click the "Delete" button above a scheduled message to delete that message from the message queue and prevent the message from being sent.

Step Five (optional): Click the "Edit" button above a scheduled message and select a new time and date by clicking in the "Scheduled Time" fields to modify when the message will be sent.

Fun Fact: The progress bar will display the percentage of contacts that have received a specific message to keep you in the loop on who has received your communication!

Helpful Tip: Monitor the message status report page when sending weather related or other timely messages to ensure all stakeholders are contacted.

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