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Granting support staff jmc Teacher access
Granting support staff jmc Teacher access

Paraeducators, special education teachers and other support staff can utilize jmc Teacher to access pertinent student information.

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Give support staff access to jmc Teacher to provide them the tools they need to effectively monitor students assigned to them. Add them as a teacher in jmc, create a course and roster the appropriate students to allow access to view progress reports, special education information, health information, discipline and communication records and the message center.

Review the items on this checklist and perform the tasks in jmc Office to provide support staff with jmc Teacher access.

Create jmc Teacher usernames and passwords for support staff

Add appropriate support staff members as a "Teacher" in jmc Office with their own unique username and password and grant them "Building Access" to allow them to log into the jmc Teacher portal with their own credentials.

Create a course for your support staff

Set up a course in jmc Office and configure the course appropriately to provide the support staff member with all of the tools they need.

Add course sections for your support staff member's course

Course sections in jmc reflect a "classroom" or "group" of students and includes details such as the period and days they meet and the teacher that needs access to this group.

Add students to the appropriate course section

Bulk load students to the course section or add students individually in jmc Office to provide the support staff member with the ability to view student progress reports, view or make discipline and communication entries, view contact information, medical emergency plans, special education documents such as IEPs or 504 plans for the selected students.

Online Settings in jmc Office for Teachers

The "Teacher" tab on the Online Settings page in jmc Office allows you to refine the specific information you would like teachers to view in jmc Teacher. When adding support staff as teachers, we recommend reviewing online settings to determine the appropriate level of access for all teachers and support staff using jmc Teacher.

  • Review discipline settings in jmc Office for Teachers

    The discipline settings limit which students a teacher can view. Select a discipline setting to "Allow teachers to view Discipline" in jmc Teacher. This selection will apply to all teachers and support staff logging into jmc Teacher.

  • Review the "Homeroom Reports" setting in jmc Office for Teachers

    "Homeroom Reports" in jmc Teacher gives users access to progress reports, missing score reports and student information.

  • Review the "communication submissions" setting in jmc Office for Teachers

    The communication submissions setting controls whether teachers can view submissions for all students or only students in their classrooms.

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