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Understanding Wisconsin reportable discipline
Understanding Wisconsin reportable discipline

The Discipline module in jmc is your hub for collecting student behavior information that can be shared with the Wisconsin DPI.

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When it comes to reporting discipline issues to the Wisconsin DPI, using jmc can be a real game-changer. By tracking discipline incidents in jmc, you'll have the most efficient way to report these issues to the state. With jmc's tools, you can easily determine which incidents should be reported and then submit all the necessary details to the DPI with just one click. This involves creating state reportable student discipline records for "Problem Behaviors" and "Actions" and submitting the incidents to the DPI. By leveraging jmc's reporting capabilities, you can simplify this process and help ensure that your school stays in compliance with state reporting requirements.

โ€‹State reportable "Problem Behaviors" and "Actions"

jmc Office's Discipline module is a powerful tool for managing student discipline incidents in your school. This module includes a comprehensive list of "Problem Behaviors" which are student violations, and "Actions" which are the consequences that result from these behaviors. By adding "Problem Behaviors" and "Actions" to a student's discipline record, you can capture important details about incidents that occur. This helps you track student behavior over time and identify patterns that may need further attention.

  • Predefined Problem Behaviors: state defined behaviors such as "Alcohol-Related", "Assault" and other weapons related behaviors used for data collection and analysis

  • User Defined Problem Behaviors: school defined behaviors that are not reported to the state

Creating state reportable student discipline records

When it comes to creating state reportable student discipline records, jmc Teacher and/or jmc Office make it easy for school staff to work together and capture all the necessary information. By using predefined "Problem Behaviors" and "Actions" in jmc, easily ensure that all records are consistent and in compliance with state reporting requirements. Once created, these records are processed and stored in jmc Office for quick access and reference in the future.

  • Discipline Referrals: a record created in jmc Teacher or jmc Office that contains a problem behavior and action as well as other details associated with an incident

  • Merge Discipline Referrals: discipline records created in jmc Teacher are merged in jmc Office where they can be edited, accepted, or rejected

  • State Reportable Fields: data elements needed to complete a state reportable record including a predefined problem behavior, a predefined action and other data related to the predefined action

  • Incident Number: ties multiple students to a common discipline incident

Submitting discipline incidents to the DPI

Regularly submitting discipline data is an essential part of helping the Wisconsin DPI stay up-to-date on discipline incidents across the state. Thankfully, jmc's WISEdata pages make submitting this data a breeze. With just a click of a button, easily share all your discipline data with the DPI and streamline the reporting process. By taking advantage of jmc's reporting capabilities, you can help ensure that your school stays in compliance with state reporting requirements and supports the DPI's efforts to improve education across Wisconsin.

  • Scheduled Updates: discipline records are updated automatically each day using the scheduled updates process enabled in the Ed-Fi settings

  • During the School Year: "General", "Student" and "Discipline" Information shared with the DPI can be updated periodically throughout the year from the During the School Year page in jmc Office

  • End Year: "General", "Student" and "Discipline" Information shared with the DPI is updated at the end of the school year from the End Year page in jmc Office

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