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Managing Recurring Payments in jmc
Managing Recurring Payments in jmc

"Auto Pay" is an excellent way to help families stay current with their payments and avoid missing any payments.

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jmc's recurring payment feature is designed to make things easier for families by providing them with the ability to set up automatic payments for tuition, fees, or lunch accounts. With recurring payments, families can break down larger fees into more manageable payments and ensure that their students meal accounts always have sufficient funds. By promoting the use of recurring payments, help ensure timely payments for tuition and fees while also maintaining a balanced budget for your nutrition program.

Make the most of jmc Office and jmc Family's features by utilizing recurring payments for the tuition/fees and lunch modules in jmc Office and Family.

โ€‹Recurring payments in jmc Office Tuition/Fees and Lunch modules

jmc Office's Tuition and Fees module and Lunch module enable schools to charge fees and keep track of account balances. By offering recurring payments in jmc, schools can make it easier for families to make hassle-free payments, even on online and remove any barriers to receiving payments.

  • Online Payments: families can conveniently make payments for fees and lunch balances directly through the jmc Family website or mobile app.

  • Tuition/Fees: a user-friendly platform for creating fees, complete with the "Auto Pay" feature. This allows families to set up recurring payments in jmc Family, making it a hassle-free way to stay on top of their payments.

  • Lunch: avoid the need for sending low balance reminders! There are no additional setup steps required, and payments will be automatically made whenever a lunch account balance gets low, making the process of managing lunch payments stress-free for everyone involved.

Recurring Tuition/Fee and Lunch payments in jmc Family

With jmc Family's recurring payment option, families have the ability to easily manage their own recurring tuition, fees, and lunch payments at their fingertips. By using this feature, families can avoid the inconvenience of manually making payments and maintain positive account balances with ease.

  • Tuition/Fees: families can utilize the "manage recurring payments" feature to set the payment date and amount for recurring payments towards their fee balance.

  • Lunch: families can use the "manage recurring payments" feature to set an amount threshold that will trigger automatic payments, or they can choose a specific date for monthly payments.

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