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Create and schedule FAST testing courses
Create and schedule FAST testing courses

Work your way through the steps of making sure your FAST courses are ready for seamless integration.

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The Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST) is a suite of assessment tools designed for universal screening, progress monitoring, and program evaluation as part of a Response to Intervention (RtI) or Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) model of service delivery. jmc seamlessly shares students, course rosters and teacher data with the FAST site to quickly and efficiently get your teachers and students started with FAST testing.

Review the items on this checklist and perform the tasks in jmc Office to successfully integrate jmc with FAST.

Review student data on the View Student Data page

jmc shares student data from the View Student Data page with the FAST site if a student is marked as "Active" and is included in "Attendance" and "State Reporting". Review and update the View Student Data page for students that are to be included in FAST testing to create student records on the FAST site.

Review the Course Data List

Designated FAST courses will share students, course rosters, and teacher data with the FAST site. Review your jmc course list on the Schedules > Course > Course Data List page to locate designated FAST courses that integrate with the FAST site.

Create FAST Courses

Create designated FAST courses if none exist on the Edit Course Data page to integrate with the FAST site. Find an available course on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page, enter a course name that will easily identify it as a FAST course and add the appropriate sections and teachers to create courses that are easily exported to FAST.

Schedule students into FAST courses

Scheduling students into FAST courses provides the appropriate course roster and student data to the FAST site. Place students in FAST courses on the Schedules > Develop > Bulk Load Courses page to update FAST rosters with the appropriate students.

Identify your FAST staff

jmc's teacher data can be seamlessly shared with the FAST site if the teacher's "Staff Type" is give the appropriate FAST label on the Attendance > Staff > Teachers page. Review the list of teachers, and update those who teach FAST courses to ensure their records remain up to date on the FAST site.

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