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Run a discipline incidents report
Run a discipline incidents report

Generate a discipline incidents report to view state reportable incidents in your district with student details and problem behaviors.

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In jmc Office, discipline incidents involving state-defined problem behaviors are automatically recorded, and you can generate a discipline incidents report to view a comprehensive list of these incidents in your district. The report includes information such as the student(s) involved as perpetrators or victims, incident number, date, and state reportable problem behavior. You can choose to print or export the report for your school's official records.

To run the discipline incidents report, log in to jmc Office and go to Discipline > Reports > Discipline Incidents.

Step One: Click the "Refresh" button to update the list of all state reportable discipline incidents including students involved, grade, building, date and state reportable problem behavior.

Fun Fact: Incidents involving multiple students or problem behaviors are identified by a common incident number, and victims are indicated by a blank "State Reportable Problem Behavior" field to distinguish them from perpetrators.

โ€‹Step Two (optional): Click the "Print" button to print the report for future reference.

Step Three (optional): Click the "Export" button to export your data to a CSV file that can be saved or shared.

Fun Fact: jmc Office users with "Read Only" or "Make Changes" user privileges for both Discipline and State Reporting on the Application Security page have access to the discipline incidents report.

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