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Add student bussing details on the "View Student Data" page
Add student bussing details on the "View Student Data" page

Log transportation details on jmc's bus tab, share with families, and facilitate targeted communication for student bussing needs.

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The bus tab on jmc's "View Student Data" page is a convenient tool for recording essential transportation details, such as bus route numbers, bus driver information, and pick-up locations. Families will appreciate that this bussing information is easily accessible through jmc Family, while office pros can use it to send targeted messages to specific bus route groups in the event of adverse weather conditions or bus delays. Stay informed about your students' transportation arrangements by adding bussing details to their student data pages.

Start adding or editing your students' bussing information by heading to the "View Student Data" page in jmc Office and then access the "Bus" tab.

Step One: Enter a student's name in the "Find" field to begin entering bussing information for the selected student.

Step Two: Select the appropriate location from the "Location Type" drop-down list and enter up to three bus locations to ensure comprehensive coverage of the student's transportation needs, accommodating scenarios like two household families, daycare arrangements, or weather emergencies.

Step Three: Enter the name of the bus route in the "Route Bus #" field to group students of the same route for messaging purposes.

Fun Fact: Route names entered in the "Route Bus #" field will be available for selection when utilizing the "By Bus Route #" option in the Message Center.

Step Four: Enter a description, route bus driver, shuttle bus, shuttle bus driver, authorizing individual and date authorized in the appropriate fields to add transportation details to the selected student.

Step Five: Enter the "Route Bus Pick Up" times and locations for both morning and afternoon in the appropriate fields to communicate pick up and drop off times with families through the jmc Family portal, ensuring timely transportation.

Step Six: Enter the "Hard Surface Pick up" times and locations for both morning and afternoon in the appropriate fields to communicate bussing details during inclement weather through the jmc Family portal.

Step Seven (optional): Enter any comments in the "Bus Note" field to include additional bussing details that may be helpful for families, teachers, or office professionals to successfully monitor a student's transportation.

Step Eight: Click either of the "Save" buttons on the page to save the student's bussing information.

Step Nine: Repeat steps three through eight to enter additional bus locations for a student.

Helpful Tip: Entering additional bus locations allows your families and your school to be prepared for multiple before or after school plans such as bussing to daycare or an after school event or activity, or for students who divide time between two households.

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