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Run a "Phone Number Status" report
Run a "Phone Number Status" report

Easily identify families who have opted out from receiving text messages from your school.

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Unsure which families are receiving your school's text messages? Run a Phone Number Status report to easily identify families who have opted out of receiving school text messages and re-engage with them using the same report to ensure they stay informed about school news and events.

See who has opted out of your school's text messages by navigating to Message Center > Phone Number Status in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Preview" button to view an up-to-date list of names, phone numbers, and the date on which the user opted out of receiving messages from your school.

Step Two (optional): Click the Excel icon to export your "Phone Number Status" report to a spreadsheet for future use.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the "Phone Number Status" report for further reference.

Helpful Tip: Families can easily opt back in to receive messages from your school by texting the word "Start" to the assigned toll-free number listed on the File > Administrator Options > Phone Dialer Settings page in jmc Office.

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