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How to Add Rates to your Products
How to Add Rates to your Products

Adding Rates to your Products

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Adding rates to your products makes OnRent quick and easy to maintain your price lists and add default pricing instantly to orders! 

Once you have added your Product Groups, Products and Stock Levels; we can apply default prices or customer specific prices to your Products for these prices to be automatically applied to an order when the Product is added to it.

To add a Rate to a Product, navigate to your Product overview screen (Products & Services > Products).

Select the Rates tab, this area will list all of the Rates applied to that Product, if you have multiple rates for a Product you will be able to see them listed here allowing the editing and updating of them. 

Add Some Rates

To add a Rate, Select Add Rate whilst in the Product's Rates tab.

Select the desired Rate Definition you wish to add.

For example: - If you charge the same price every day for a Rental Product, you would select the Daily Rate.

For more information on Rate Definitions, check out our guide

Once you have selected the rate definition, you will be taken to a new screen where you can fill in the Rate details:

  • Customer Account - If this rate is only for a specific customer for this Product, you can search and select that customer here 

  • Start Date - Enter the start date your Rate is valid from, if this is to be applied immediately select today's date

  • Use Expiry Date - The expiry date against a Rate on a Product will stop that rate from being used on new Orders after the Expiry Date if this is enabled

  • Expiry Date - Only shown if the Use Expiry Date flag has been set to Yes. This is the date that this rate will no longer be available from when adding this Product to an Order

  • Regional Type - This is the type of location the Rate is to be applied to, leave blank if it is to be applied to all rather than specific location(s) only

    Regional types available are.

    • Depot - Provides the option to select which depot(s) this rate is to be used with (allows the selection of multiple depots where applicable)

    • Region - Select a Region this rate is to be used with, this will include all depots within the selected Region

    • Country - Select which Country this rate is to be used with, this will include all regions and depots within the selected Country

  • Price - Enter the monetary values into the price field(s).

    The Rate Definition selected will dictate what Price fields are in use.

Once all required details have been filled in, click the Add Rate button in the bottom right-hand corner to apply this Rate Definition.


Can I overwrite the rate when the product has been added to an order?

Yes, these prices are only defaults which means you can change the price however you want when you add it to an order.

Will this rate apply to any items I create in future?

Yes, when you apply a rate to a product, any stock items you create for this will inherit the price.

If I have both a default rate and a customer specific rate, what takes priority?

The customer specific price will take priority for that rate definition and so their price will appear by default rather than the product’s usual price.

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