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By now you should have an email in your inbox from Open To Close with your login credentials. Follow the link in the email to start setting up your account. Here's what to do next.

Log in to your Open To Close account using the username (or email address) and password that was sent to you when you signed up.

Image shows where to enter your username and password before clicking on the Login button below those options.

You will be asked for a valid credit card to set up Open To Close. This is used to ensure we are not getting spam or bot subscribers. Enter your information and click Add Card.


Your credit card WILL NOT be charged at any time during or after your trial unless you specifically take action to subscribe to Open To Close.

 Image shows where you will enter your credit card number, expiration date (month/year), and CVC. Once this information is entered, you may have to enter the zip code as well, depending on card.

To verify your account, enter your US cell phone number to get a confirmation code and click Add Phone Number.

Image shows where to enter your cell phone number before clicking on Add Phone Number.

Enter the validation code we sent to your cell phone number and click Submit. If you didn't receive a code, you can click on the Get New Code link to the right of the Submit button.

Image shows where to enter the confirmation code that was sent to the cell phone you entered.

Answer the following questions from the dropdown and click Submit.

Question 1: How many users on your team, 2: How many transactions do you (or your team) process per year, 3: How do you currently process transactions, 4: What software do you use (if applicable)

Lastly, choose your timezone and click Submit.

Choose your timezone from the drop down.

Now that you're through the setup, it's time to connect your email. Follow this article to learn more: Connect Your Email.

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