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Communication is a key component for keeping your transaction on the correct timeline. Email Templates created in Open To Close can be used in various areas of the system. Whether that's sending emails via a Task Trigger or applying an Email Template to your One-Sheets.

Email Templates

Navigate to the left-hand menu, select the Hammer Icon, and choose Templates. From here, it defaults to our Email Templates. Take a moment to review Categories, Sort Templates, and Clean Templates.

While reviewing your Email Templates, think of the Contact Roles you need to add to each template. Go ahead and make any edits to the template, and update the merge fields to bring in the correct verbiage and dates. Lastly, review and add the appropriate File Roles to use the next step of automation.

Adding your Contact Roles to your Email Templates can further assist in using the automation of the system. Ensure you have reviewed and added each Contact Role needed on your Email Template. Add the Contact Roles that are rarely used as well as the most frequently used.

Merge Fields

Your Merge Fields work to automatically add verbiage for the details of the transaction, contact information, or any other details that you might need to share.

Smart Blocks

Our smart block technology can add or remove content from emails and text messages so that your communication is fully dynamic, yet highly conversational and natural.

File Roles

At the bottom of each Email Template, you can add documents to emails automatically, either by associating a File Role to add the file or adding a document via the File Storage. Keep in mind that the File Storage is best utilized for static documents that do not need signatures or additional information added.

The first option you will set is whether you want to attach All files that have that File Role, only attach the Newest files with the File Role, or attach the Oldest files with the File Role.

Next, select the File Role(s) you want to have automatically attached to the email. You will then need to decide whether you want to attach the main file with all additional files or just the main file.

  • Matches the Main File: Only the main file will be attached in this operation.

  • Matches Any File: Either the main file or additional files will be attached in this operation.

Main Takeaways

The email templates paired with merge fields, smart blocks, and automation with file roles are built to assist in making your communication with party members smoother. While reviewing and adding in more email templates, take the time to review and see if you can create more Smart Blocks or add in more Fields to create necessary Merge Fields.


  • Review, add, or import your Email Templates

  • Update and add on Contact Roles

  • Update and add the applicable File Roles

  • Review the Smart Blocks already created and available in your system

  • Identify new Smart Blocks that can be created

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