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Customizing Coding Editor
Customizing Coding Editor

Learn about the options to customize OpenProcessing Coding editor.

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We like to keep it plain and simple: On OpenProcessing, it should be all about you and your code, not about fancy UI or fireworks. As Dieter Rams put it best:

“Good design is as little as possible."

To make sure our coding editor serves you best and doesn't get in the way between you and your code, we added a few options that you can find under code settings -> editor. 

  • Text size: Adjusts the text size of your code for your viewing pleasure. Super helpful if you are presenting your code to an audience on a projector. This option will be honored on all sketches as you browse around OpenProcessing.

  • Layout: Choose between focus view to see sketch or code fullscreen, or split view to see sketch and code side by side. We will apply your preference when you are viewing your own sketches right away. Sketches by other users will always open on focus view

  • Console: You can turn console off temporarily if you are seeing too many errors to deal with. This option will reset when you navigate away from your sketch.

  • Linting: We will check for any errors and warnings as you type your code. You can disable this feature if you see mis-caught errors. This option will reset when you navigate away from your sketch.

Keyboard shortcuts are also super handy to toggle between common actions, such as Play, Code, and Save. Note that Mac computers use ⌘ (Command) key instead of ⊞ Win key.

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