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Coding Sketches
Coding Sketches

All the answer to your questions regarding to the coding environment

Mastering Sketch CommentsYou can use comments to provide your thoughts and feedback.
Choosing a License for Your SketchesProtect, Share, and Contribute to the Growing Digital Commons
Sketch TemplatesKick start your sketches with sketch templates
Protective FeaturesYou can use the features below to report any content or users to keep our community inline with our community guidelines.
Private URLs for Your SketchesShare your private sketches with anyone you want.
Updating Sketch ThumbnailsEvery sketch is better with a well-captured thumbnail.
Customizing Coding EditorLearn about the options to customize OpenProcessing Coding editor.
Sketch Privacy SettingsLearn about the privacy options you can set for your sketches.
Processingjs Deprecation NoticeAppreciating the old tech, and celebrating the new one.
Pinning Sketches on ProfileHighlight your favorite sketches at the top of your profile.
Using Console for DebuggingConsole on our code editor allows various ways to debug your code.
Using Code History to Rollback CodeMistakes happen, and there are times a few undos are not enough. Code History feature helps you to rollback to previous versions easily!
How can I embed sketches on my website or blog?Generate an embed code to display your sketch and its code on your website or blog.
How can I add a custom library?You can take your sketch to advanced level by using libraries you found.
My sketch got stuck in an infinite loop, how can I fix it?The infinite loops happen to the best of us. Learn how to recover a frozen sketch due to these nasty loops.
AI-Assisted DebuggingUse GPT to resolve bugs easily in your code