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Protective Features

You can use the features below to report any content or users to keep our community inline with our community guidelines.

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We are working hard to provide you a social and creative coding environment free of any inappropriate content or behavior. You can also use the tools listed below to protect your account, and help us maintain our community guidelines on our website.

Block Users

You can block any user on OpenProcessing and prevent them to see your profile or sketches, and interact with you via creating forks or commenting on your sketches.

To block any user, go to their profile page, click on the down arrow under their profile image, and toggle "Block User" setting.

Report Sketches

You can report any sketches that have inappropriate or malicious content, as defined in our community guidelines. To report a sketch, you can click on actions icon at the top right and click "Report Sketch" at the bottom of the sketch actions.

Report Comments

To report any comment, click on the three dots on the related comment, and click report. Once reported, this comment will be removed from your own sketch immediately. We may also review this and may take other necessary actions, such as banning the user from the website.

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