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What is the difference between PAYE and Self- employed
What is the difference between PAYE and Self- employed

What are the differences between PAYE and Self Employed shifts?

Written by Karan
Updated over a week ago

As of early-mid June, we will be introducing the option for companies to offer PAYE jobs through the Orka Works app.

This means you will be able to browse through both self-employed and PAYE work via the app. 

What does that mean for app users?

  • More jobs available! Many companies will now be able to post additional opportunities in addition to self-employed work in the app. 💼📈

  • We handle your taxes. No need to worry about reporting taxes on PAYE jobs - we will handle your taxes and send you a payslip every month. 💷⚖️

  • Holiday pay added to your hourly rate on PAYE jobs! 🏖

Additionally, this means we will making a change to the way that Instant Pay works now that taxes will be deducted from your pay on your behalf.

As of June 15, you will only be able to withdraw 50% of your total earnings from Instant Pay. The remainder of your pay will transfer on the monthly pay date.

The new 50% cap will be in place to allow our payroll system time to calculate taxes due on earnings before we transfer you your final net earnings.

If you have any questions about either of the above changes, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

You will be able to tell the difference between PAYE and Contract shifts on your pay page as each payment will state the type of shift.

As you can see, Contract shifts say Contract under them. PAYE shifts says PAYE under them.

You can also see the difference between Withdrawals⚡️and Payments💰

We will be providing additional updates to you as we get closer the launch for PAYE in the app so please keep an eye out. ✨

We’re looking forward to bringing you MORE work to the app and continuing to provide fair and flexible work for our app users. 🎉

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