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What documents you can use to prove your time spent employed

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We need to verify every job you have had, either through documents or speaking to the company directly.

Sometimes the company doesn't respond quickly to requests, or has gone out of business.

This is why we ask for you to send us over documents, so you can be in control over how quickly you're cleared.

We need to prove your start and end dates.

The documents we can accept are:

  • P60s

  • P45s

  • Payslips

  • Tax Records from HMRC (if they clearly show your name and dates)

  • Bank statements that show incoming payments

  • Contract

  • Correspondence from the company such as letters about redundancy, long service or TUPE

This documentation should be dated within 31 days of the date you are trying to evidence.

This means that if it is a role you worked for longer than a year, you will need to provide documents to prove the start, middle and end of each employment.

If it is shorter than a year, then you will only need documents to prove the start and the end.

We need two types of documents, unless it is your HMRC history. For example, we can't accept two payslips- we'd need one payslip and one bank statement.

Generally, the quickest way to prove your employment history is by providing your HMRC records with clear dates.

Please call HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and request for your five year employment history to be posted to you.

Both the phone call and request are free - it costs nothing to get it.You can call them Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

The call will take about 5 minutes, and the form generally arrives within 5 days.

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