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Temp-to-perm jobs

What does temp-to-perm mean?

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What does it mean?

If a job is temp-to-perm, this means that you would work full-time at the site on the Orka Works app, in the shift pattern posted. You cannot pick and choose which shifts to apply to & work, you would be required to cover all shifts.

Then, if the client is happy with your performance and you are happy with the site, you will be taken on permanently by them and provided with a full-time, permanent contract.

What would I need to do?

When you see this job card specifying that it's a temp-to-perm role, it means that you need to review the shift pattern to make sure that it's something you can work. Read the job description, so you can see if it fits what you're looking for.

Then, apply to all or the majority of the shifts posted, in that shift pattern. The site manager will then consider applicants who have done this.

What does it look like on the app?

Here, you can see it specifies with the orange banner that this is a 'Temp to Perm' job, and your application will only be considered if you apply to all or the majority of shifts. Please make sure you do this.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to message the Community team via the Chat function on the app!

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