There are two ways to unlock a bike

Through a smartphone
Use the Oslo City Bike app to see the location of available bikes at any given moment. This is available on both iPhone and Android.

Go through these simple steps while being close to a station in order to unlock a bike:

  1. See to that the station shown in the app, is the station you're at (if you're placed at another location, check out this guide)

  2. Press Unlock bike

  3. The app will show you which of the locks you'll recieve the bike from

  4. Lift the bicycle out of the station. 

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Personal PIN-code
Under "Your profile" at you can set your own personal PIN-code. This guide here is on how to make a personal PIN code!

Use these 5 simple steps while standing by the screen of a station to unlock a bike:

  1. Press Unlock with code while standing by the screen 

  2. Fill in your phone number and your PIN-code

  3. Press Unlock bike

  4. The screen will tell you which of the locks you'll receive your bike from

  5. Lift the bicycle out of the station. Have a nice trip!

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